The Ultimate Clarifier Monitor and Protection System

Water and Wastewater Industry

Brunel’s power monitor and ball-detent torque limiter combination is the ultimate solution to monitor overall clarifier performance and prevent costly system failures.  For preventive maintenance, Brunel’s PTM-5 power monitor provides an OLED display, analog output and relays to manage system performance.  For overloads, Brunel’s 316SS ball-detent torque limiter provide the ultimate in driveline protection.  See Brunel’s PTM-5 power monitor and full line of mechanical ball-detent torque limiters.

Recommended Specification for Fresh Water and Waste Water Treatment Applications
A primary and secondary drive monitor and protection system is required and will be provided by the same manufacturer to ensure overall system accuracy and performance. The combination of a mechanical ball-detent style torque limiter for primary or “critical condition” protection with an electronic power monitor device capable of continuously monitoring percent nominal load for secondary driveline protection.

The protection system shall include:
A ball-detent type torque limiter, which transmit torque through balls retained in detents against adjustable spring pressure.
The design of the torque limiter shall be such that when torque exceeds a pre-set value the balls will leave their seats and roll free to provide complete disengagement of the driving and driven components. The device shall not incorporate friction plates and resetting will be by a simple manual push or blow from a soft hammer with torque setting remaining constant within plus or minus 10% after each disengagement and resetting.

The working safety element components including, plunger, detent pocket, flanged bushing, and thrust races will be made of AISI D2 steel and through hardened to Rc 62 minimum. Balls shall be of chrome-alloy steel hardened to a minimum of Rc 60.

Torque limiters are to be supplied with a minimum 11T, 2.609 Pitch, Virgin UHMW Drive Sprocket for H78 Chain.

The protection system shall also include:
An electronic load/torque monitor shall be used as an active power monitor that monitors true motor power. The monitor shall be able to function on single or three phase motor applications, provide isolated contacts for alarm in case of impending overload and for shutdown of the motor if overload increases.
An OLED display capable of providing readings of percent nominal load and values of active power and torque based on nominal system RPMs. A start delay, two trip delays, two trip levels, trip latching options, motor efficiency and nominal RPMs are all presetable.

The monitor/torque limiter shall be self contained with a standard 4-20mA or 0-10V DC analog output based on motor load or watts, and a face plate with an OLED display and push buttons used for setup and control.

Approved supplier- Brunel Corporation, Wichita Falls, TX