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See how Brunel Corporation’s Innovative Mining Torque Limiters Protect Your Mining Equipment.

Torque Limiters for the mining industry.  Anywhere from Ball, SAG and Vertical Mill applications to Gyratory and Cone Crushers and HPGR’s to name a few applications where we have standard designs for all your torque limiter requirements.  Introducing a new Patent Pending Turning Locking Braking  system.

Protect Your Equipment From:
Motor Torque Spikes
Short Circuit Torques
Jams—that cause major drive train damage.


  • Instant Disconnect
  • Quick and Simple Reset
Re-align driven and driving clutch halves and hit module plungers with a dead blow mallet to re-engage modules
  • Manual Disconnect Modules (Patent Pending) Allows user to uncouple the motor from the pinion (or driven reducer)
  • Improved Lubrication System (Patent Pending)
  • Optional Parking and/or Emergency Braking System Standard with AGMA gear coupling
Optional flexible torsionally resilient coupling
  • High speed application Rigid and full flexing gear half coupling
  • Tamperproof design
  • Ball bearing desig
  • Sealed for mine environment

Mill Torque Limiter with Caliper Brake System

  • Consists of three principle elements: Torque Limiter, Gear Coupling and Caliper Brake System.
  • Can accommodate up to 15,000 hp at 200 rpm.
  • Modular design allows for ease of installation and maintenance without relocating other equipment.

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