ABB Active Filters & Automatic Capacitor Banks

Offered by Brunel Corporation

ABB Active Filters

Filters to the 50th harmonic
Filters 20 different harmonics simultaneously
Closed-loop control for accuracy
No detailed network analysis required
Compact factory tested system
Modular and easy to extend
Compensates reactive power
Programmable task priorities
Incoming breakers included Construction

ABB Automatic Capacitor Banks

Applications All ABB, Inc. low voltage capacitor products incorporate our unique dry type design. This eliminates environmental and leakage concerns.

Other features include:

On-site power factor and harmonic studies
U.L. Listed and CSA approved
Automatic and fixed tuned or de-tuned capacitor banks
Patented Sequential Protection System includes dry, self-healing design; internally protected elements; and dry, non-flammable vermiculite filler
Individual units, fixed and automatic capacitor bank designs, 208-600V

ABB DYNACOMP Reactive Power Compensator

RVS Controller

Power Factor Controller RVT
The Ultimate Power Factor Controller Powerful features:

Full graphics display Menu navigation HELP button Guided navigation and programming Fully automatic set-up Easy commissioningProgrammable protection thresholds Network information and capacitor bank monitoring Multi-language support Protective transparent door High ambient temperature rating Multi-voltage and multi-frequency Works with 5A and 1A CT’sCustomizable measurements overview Day – night target cos • Locking switch Alarm logging Event logging Example: event logging of Total Harmonic Distortion on Voltage Powerful features


Deer Valley
Park City
Taos Ski Valley
Northstar at Tahoe
Jackson Hole
Bogus Basin