General Information

Years Of Trouble Free Service
Remove Overload Problems
±5% Repeatability
Virtually No Maintenance
Competitive First Cost
All Metal, Totally Enclosed

Brunel Torque Limiting Clutches will save you money. The initial cost of a Torque Limiter is normally covered by the savings of down time and lost production during the first overload.

Gone are the problems associated with slow reaction electrical overloads and shear pins which give a wide torque variation and rapidly overheating slip clutches.


Torque setting accurate within ±5% is maintained indefinitely
Ease of maintenance is assured by eliminating the need for continuous adjustment

Bi-directional torque transmission is standard
Selection of proper clutch is simplified
Standard unit can be installed on dual direction drive system

Reduced overall length
Reduce the space required and the cost of your drive system

Multiple springs control torque release setting
Increased dependability of drive
Larger range of torque setting is available to meet your specific application

All metal totally enclosed construction
Longer life in contaminated environment
Operator safety improved with enclosed springs

Drive torque is transmitted through tapered jaws on all standard type JA models
Positive drive-no slip, minimal backlash Timing of drive system is assured

A single Brunel type JA clutch will also function as:
(1) “Dog Clutch”
(2) Overload Release Clutch Eliminate the need for two separate clutches Reduce system cost, complexity and size

Automatic and complete disengagement on overload is standard on the JA and JFV4 models
No torque is transmitted, thus preventing damage and machine downtime due to overload

Easy to reset
Because no spring compression or ball alignment is required Type JC and JB are standard with automatic reset


Automatic Door Openers
Automatic Furnaces Or Ovens
Bakery Equipment
Bottling Equipment
Drying Drums
Film Packaging Machines
Food Processing Equipment
Machine Tools
Mining Equipment
PTO Drives
Packaging and Labelling Machinery
Paper Machinery
Printing Presses
Pump Drives
Rolling Mills
Rubber Processing Machines
Textile Machinery
Tractor PTO Driven Winches
Transfer Machines
Special Machinery
Washing Machines
Waste Water Pumps
Woodworking Machinery