How to Select and Order

How To Select

Select Manual Reset or Automatic Reset type overload release clutch to suit your specific application.
Choose a position in your drive system for the Torque Limiting Clutch. See page for guidance.
Calculate the torque setting required for the position selected.

How to Calculate

Calculate the maximum permissable torque for the drive components after considering torsional stress in shafting, stress on keys and keyseats, torque capacity of couplings, chains, gears, belts, etc. It is the weakest component in the system that requires protection.
Determine the torque setting based on motor horsepower, drive speed and reduction ratios.

drive torque (lb ft) =
horsepower x 5250

Determine the maximum permissable driven load based on conveyor belt or chain tension.
*RPM – at point where torque limiter is applied

An allowance for starting torque may be required depending on the location of the clutch in the drive. At the motor shaft, peak torque of approximately twice normal running torque is possible. At locations away from the motor, peak torques will be dampened by system inertia, tending to reduce the effect of motor peak starting torque. Field conditions will also tend to change the calculated torque values.

The best way to deal with the above variables is to make some allowance when selecting the torque setting required. Keep in mind that each torque limiting clutch is adjustable and the final overload release torque setting may have to be adjusted on the job to meet your specific application requirements.

With the approximate torque required select the right size and type clutch.

Check the clutch selected to make sure the shaft, key, sprocket, pulley, etc. requirements of your application can be accommodated.


How To Order

Please supply the following information with your order:

Quantity: The number of clutches needed.

Type & model/bore and keyseat. Example: JAB7 2.00″ bore with 1/2 x 1/4 Kws.

Torque Setting

When combination units are selected supply additional data as required below:

For coupling combination supply bore and keyseat for coupling and torque limiter.

For sprocket or pulley combination supply complete sprocket or pulley data.

Advise torque setting if factory setting is required.

Special requirements such as shifter ring, neoprene seals, vertical mounting, etc. must be specified.

If bore and/or keyseat sizes other than standard tolerances or shaft fits are required, please specify dimensions completely, including tolerances.