Extruder Applications


UEP—Ultimate Extruder Protection Torque Limiters w/Torsional Couplings

Brunel Corporation has — through extensive experience — developed the Ultimate Extruder Protection device affording reliable protection for twin screw extruders. Based on over 30 years experience in arduous applications particularly in the steel industry has led to the development of the UEP Brunel Modular Torque Limiter which has become the industry standard for twin screw extruder machines. More…


OETL – Original Extruder Torque Limiter

Brunel Safety Element Torque Limiters have been protecting industrial power transmission systems around the world since 1971.

The Extruder Safety Element “SE” Series Torque Limiters are designed specifically for the precision requirements of twin screw extruder applications. They are totally enclosed and made exclusively of steel (except coupling flex elements & seals). The wearing parts in the Safety Element Modules are D-2 tool steel thru hardened to Rc 62 minimum. Tapered roller bearings are incorporated in the design for long life, and are regreaseable through a grease fitting and grease relief valve. Modular construction provides design flexibility and simplified maintenance. Safety Elements are precision Belleville spring loaded, single ball detent design. A unique over-center mechanism insures complete disengagement on overload and simple, fast manual re-engagement

400HP Twin Screw Extruder Clutch Coupling Between Motor and Reducer

900HP Twin Screw Extruder Clutch Coupling

* part number suffix


Safety Element Torque Limiters completely disengage on overload thus preventing damage and down time to the equipment. When applied on motor output shafts of twin screw extruder drive systems, the “SE” Torque Limiter protects the reducer and twin screws from potential damage upon overload.


Modular Design Simplifies Maintenance
User can replace Safety Elements (the working components) without removing clutch from shaft
Clutch can be removed (dropped out) without moving motor back
Module Designs Available
Standard Internally Adjustable Modules
Externally Adjustable Modules *(EA)
Torque adjustment by micrometer
Tamper proof externally adjustable design
Disconnectable Modules *(D)
Disconnect motor for testing of motor function and torque limiter function
Tamper proof internally adjustable design
Externally Adjustable / Disconnectable
Modules *(EAD)
Incorporates both features above

Simple Manual Reset — without
reversing drive
Precision Ball Detent/Belleville
Spring Design
(+0 to -10% repeatability)
Adaptable to All Drive Configurations
Eflex Coupling Standard, Other
Types Available
Large Torque & Bore Capacity
Turning bar holes standard