Mining Torque Limiters

Design Features and Advantages for Brunel’s Full Range of Mining Torque Limiters

 Protect Your Equipment From:

  • Motor Torque Spikes
  • Short Circuit Torques
  • Jams—that cause major drive train damage.


  • Instant Disconnect
  • Quick and Simple Reset
    Re-align driven and driving clutch halves and hit module plungers with a dead blow mallet to re-engage modules
  • Manual Disconnect Modules (Patent Pending) Allows user to uncouple the motor from the pinion (or driven reducer)
  • Improved Lubrication System (Patent Pending)
  • Optional Parking and/or Emergency Braking System Standard with AGMA gear coupling
    Optional flexible torsionally resilient coupling
  • High speed application Rigid and full flexing gear half coupling
  • Tamperproof design
  • Ball bearing design
  • Sealed for mine environment


Mill Torque Limiter with Caliper Brake System

  • Consists of three principle elements: Torque Limiter, Gear Coupling and Caliper Brake System.
  • Can accommodate up to 15,000 hp at 200 rpm.
  • Modular design allows for ease of installation and maintenance without relocating other equipment.

HPGR Features and Benefits

  • Simple Manual Reset
  • Ameridrives Industrial Couplings and U-Joint
  • Shrink Disc Optional
  • Brake System Optional
  • Full Range—up to 10 Megawatt Drives
  • Manual Disconnect Feature


HPGR Torque Limiter and Shaft

HPGR Torque Limiter and U-Joint Shaft with Shrink Disc Hubs

JSE3 Safety Element Module


  • Complete disengagement on overload
  • Reaction time: 5 milliseconds
  • Manually Disconnectable
  • All metal, totally enclosed
  • Easy to reset
  • Tamperproof torque adjustment
  • Wide torque setting range available
  • Positive drive—no slip
  • Torque setting accuracy maintained indefinitely, hardened chromium tool steel, torque transmitting components
  • Spring loaded, ball detent torque transmission with Precision Belleville Springs
  • Modular element design