Torque Limiting Clutches

protect your plant and transmission from expensive overload

Brunel Torque Limiters eliminate the problems associated with slow reaction electrical overload devices, shear pins which give a wide release torque variation, or slip clutches which may rapidly overheat.

Brunel products can save you money – the initial cost is frequently more than covered by the saving in down-time even on the first overload.

  • Protect plant and transmission against overload
  • Full bi-directional operation in any plane
  • All metal, totally-enclosed construction
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Provide years of trouble-free service
  • Low Initial cost
The Pin and Buffer Eflex Torque Limiter from Brunel Corporation features manual reset, flexible coupling, and through bore design.
Many of our torque limiters have been designed and manufactured to meet customers’ specific operating requirements. If you have any specific requirements please contact Brunel Corporation for assistance.

Manual Reset
Type JA: Conveyors, machine tools, wood-working and paper machinery, pumps, textile machinery, test rigs, packaging machinery, quarrying plant, Post Office machinery, extruders, automatic furnaces and ovens.

Automatic Reset
Type JB & JC: Conveyors, bakery equipment, indexing drives, packaging, bottling and labelling machines, printing presses and special-purpose machines.

Power Take-Off Protection
Type JFV: Vane, lobe, screw and centrifugal pumps. Vane and lobe blowers, please contact Brunel Corporation for further details.


  • Protects Against Loss of Production, Expensive Downtime and Repair of Equipment
  • Quick and Easy Reset-Minimal Downtime after an overload event
  • No Spare Parts or Special Equipment Required to Reset-minimizes downtime for resetting
  • Very Accurate and Repeatable Torque Setting – Quick Reset and Run
  • Tamperproof Torque Setting – No Unauthorized Torque Adjustment in the Field
  • Manual Disconnect Option – Disconnect Drive from Driven System
  • Manual Reset – Realign Driver and Driven Half of Torque Limiter and Reset
  • Automatic Reset – Remove Jam and Jog Drive System
  • Virtually No Maintenance Required
  • All Metal Totally Enclosed Construction
  • Special Metals Available
  • Special Paint and Coatings Available
  • Complete Engineering and Manufacturing Capabilities
For more information CONTACT US.
The Wastewater Torque Limiter from Brunel Corporation features 316 stainless steel construction, chain and screw conveyors and has an externally adjustable manual disconnect safety element.

Bores and Keyways

Standard bores and keyways are manufactured to H8 and Js9 tolerances to BS4500: 1969, both in Metric and Imperial dimensions.


During assembly all units are packed with a 3% Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2) grease BP Energrease L21 M. Because of their unique fully enclosed design all units need only be stripped and re-packed with grease every two years. However, under extremely adverse conditions of environment and duty please consult Brunel Corporation.

Running in Oil

All Brunel units can be run in oil if required without affecting performance.